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July 2021: Paul DerOhannesian on Pothole Repairs and Liability

July 2021: Paul DerOhannesian on Cafe Hollywood and Albany Violence

April 2021: Paul DerOhannesian on Derek Chauvin guilty verdict

April 2021: Paul DerOhannesian says Chauvin verdict not surprising due to strong evidence

December 2020: Brindisi-Tenney House race could be decided by 809 disputed ballots

December 2020: 12 Votes Separated These House Candidates. Then 55 Ballots Were Found.

November 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian explains firing officer who made racist comments may take time

Sept 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian clarifies self-defense law in officer-involved shooting

August 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian explains significance of NYAG’s suit against NYRA

July 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian on use of deadly force by off-duty police officer

May 2020 – Paul Derohannesian comments on the constitutionality of Governor Cuomo’s face mask mandate

May 2020 – Businesses dealing with legal concerns of customers getting COVID-19

November 2019 – Appeals court rules to reinstate case against former Rensselaer County D.A.

September 2019 – Assessing employee rights after MyPayrollHR fiasco

September 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses federal protections of pharmaceutical companies

August 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian explains the insider trading charges against U.S. Rep. Chris Collins

March 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian breaks down the verdict in the Joe Percoco corruption trial

January 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian explains legal proceedings in troy quadruple homicide

November 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian weighs in on local and national cases of sexual harassment

October 2017 – Client clearing 2014 SUNY Albany hazing death

October – Paul DerOhannesian discusses the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the Weinstein Company

October – Paul DerOhannesian on New York General’s subpoena of the Weinstein Company

September 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian on the new trial for Ex-NY Senate leader Skelos

July 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian explains sentencing guidelines for repeat offenders

March 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses NY bill to fine search engines for refusing to delete posts

February 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian on President Trump’s travel ban

January 2017: Paul DerOhannesian discusses push to change sex offender laws

November 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses CA re-enlistment bonus repayment controversy

September 2016 – Prosecutors clear way to vacate conviction of former senator Libous

May 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian weighs in on the sentencing of former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos

May 2016—Paul DerOhannesian previews Sheldon Silver sentencing on Capital Tonight

May 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian reacts to Sheldon Silver sentencing

April 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian previews Sheldon Silver sentencing on Capital Tonight

February 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses the federal government’s push to unlock suspected terrorist’s Apple iPhone

December 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian looks back at 2015’s notable political corruption cases

July 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian addresses Senator Tom Libous corruption trial

June 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian answers legal questions surrounding this summer’s prison escape in Dannemora, NY

May 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian talks about the public safety issue over the backlog of untested rape kits across the country

February 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian of DerOhannesian & DerOhannesian chats with Dan Bazile about Teen Dating Violence Awareness

November 2014 – Saratoga County Sheriff’s office member suspended after video surfaces.

October 2014 – Legal Expert Explains Gabriel Vega’s Rare Abortion Charge

October 2014 – TWC News Legal Expert Weighs in on Boeheim Defamation Suit

September 2014 – Cuomo Visiting Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan

June 2012 – YNN Legal Eagle Paul DerOhnessian analyzes the 2012 Penn State child sex abuse case

May 2012 – YNN legal analyst Paul DerOhanessian outlines the 2012 indictment of former New York State Senate majority leader Joseph L. Bruno

July 2009 – YNN Legal Eagle Paul DerOhnessian discusses a federal probe into an infamous case of corruption in New Jersey

January 2009 – CBS 6 legal analyst Paul DerOhanessian addresses the Jermayne Timmons trial in Albany

Print and online coverage

July 2021: Paul DerOhannesian weighs in on what could happen with allegations against Bill Cosby’s after his 2018 sex assault conviction was overturned

April 2021: Paul DerOhannesian Named to City & State’s 2021 Upstate Power 100.

April 2021: Paul DerOhannesian on expunging prior marijuana convictions.

January 2021 – Jude hears affidavit ballot arguments

March 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian on Harvey Weinstein’s prospects for appeal

February 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian on the use of supporting witnesses in Weinstein trial

February 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian on the Weinstein verdict’s potential effect on CA case

February 2020 – Paul DerOhannesian on the Weinstein trial verdict influencing other sex crime prosecutions

January 2020 Paul DerOhannesian examines Harvey Weinstein’s trial defense

April 2018 Paul DerOhannesian discusses the charges against Bill Cosby as his retrial begins

April 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian says Cosby is fighting a multi-pronged war following conviction

February 2018 – Weinstein Co. bankruptcy could hurt victims’ chances for compensation, legal expert say

January 2018 – Paul DerOhannesian comments on aftermath of the Larry Nassar abuse case

October 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian on Client acquitted in hazing investigation

September 2017 – Paul DerOhannesian on the new trial for Ex-NY Senate leader Skelos

May 2017 – Appeals court vacates conviction of former Sen. Tom Libous

October 2016 – Lawmakers see legal issue in discussing pay raise, policy

August 2016 – Obscure legal doctrine may erase guilty verdict for ex-legislator who died

March 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses grand jury process in church sex abuse case

January 19, 2016 – Paul DerOhannesian on case featured in “Making a Murderer” on Netflix.

December 31, 2015 – Paul DerOhannesian comments on Bill Cosby‘s assault case

December 14, 2012 – Paul DerOhannesian addresses the reclassification of the Jaliek Rainwalker case from missing person to homicide

August 2012 – DerOhannesian addresses ex-Penn State president’s comments on Sandusky report

Press releases

May 30, 2017 – U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Vacates Corruption Conviction of Late Former NYS Senator Tom Libous



October 8, 2013 – Derohannesian & Derohannesian grows staff adds associate attorney to the team

August 14, 2013 – Junior Legal Assistant adds to distinguished team at Derohannesian & Derohannesian

February 1, 2013 – Derohannesian return speaker at san diego conference on child and family maltreatment

September 12, 2012 – Junior Legal associate adds to distinguished team at Derohannesian & Derohannesian

January 20, 2010—DerOhannesian to speak at San Diego Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment

November 3, 2009—DerOhannesian among group of professionals to discuss private vs. public documents in federal court

Legal Eagle segments

January 2014 – Paul DerOhannesian shines a light on the New York SAFE ACT

December 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian shares the top sports stories of 2013

December 2013 – Legal Analyst Paul DerOhannesian discusses legal issues with the internet

December 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses gun laws in 2013

September 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian gives his take on the NFL concussion lawsuit

August 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian on NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” policy

June 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian reacts to Supreme Court decisions on voting right and affirmative action

February 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian weighs in on Oscar Pistorius’ murder case

February 2013 – Paul DerOhannesian on cameras in the courtroom

November 2012 – Paul DerOhannesian discusses Penn State scandal

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